Delhi Heritage Top 10 Series

Book Cover In October 2009, as I started my journey with Delhi's Heritage, my first visit was to the Rajon ki Baoli in Delhi. My fascination with Baolis started there. After 5 years, I was able to reach a stage, where I could write a book. After analyzing many options, I decided that I will write a book on Baolis. The project started in 2014, when I was sitting under one of the Chhatris of Rakabganj Gurudwara and started preparing a list of Baolis. Later, when I met Trisha Niyogi, she guided me through the process of producing an excellent book. Soon, I signed a contract with them and Niyogi Books became my publishers.

We decided to do a series on Delhi's Heritage. One book on Baolis, one on Forts, one on Complexes, and so on. But it was impossible to do justice to any such topic, if we chose to cover all monuments. So then we started putting statistical figures together and took top 10 monuments from each category.

It took almost 5 years to produce the first book, which is on Baolis. It is now available on Amazon for purchase. I shall soon be writing about the journey that I took to produce this book. Watch this space for the link.