I was born on the 10th of February 1983 in Manama, Bahrain . We returned to India a few years later and I continued my schooling in Delhi. One priced possession that I brought from Bahrain was my ZX Spectrum, a small computer, that is still with me. By the time I reached Class VI, I was sent to learn computer programming. Before finishing XII, I was able to develop software professionally and sell as a freelancer. Those days, degrees like BCA and MCA were of the highest importance. But I never had to enter the formal channel of obtaining a degree. I did attempt a few other advanced computer courses and landed in a Digital Marketing Agency as a programmer. My practical knowledge and years of practice help me get into the industry even before attempting Graduation.

Vikramjit's Office I had my B.Sc(IT) and M.C.A. later through distant learning, only to realize that sometimes, a degree is not required if you have real-life practical experience. I started my career as a Freelance developer and joined Sirez Infosystems. Later I worked with Gigasoft Systems and moved to Solutions Digitas. Before leaving the IT world for good, I spent 2 years with Arvato Bertelsmann, looking after their software and creative department for India. During all these years, I had the opportunity to work for clients like Coke, Nestle, Microsoft, HP, Sandisk, Pepsi, Aviva, Cisco, BD, Maruti, Renault, Harley Davidson, Samsung, Panasonic, Nokia and many more. I also had my moment as an Enterpreneur, when I started a company named Technocats. The team was adopted by Arvato and some of my team members are still working with them.

Vikramjit-Maninder In November 2008, I married Maninder Pal Kaur in a simple marriage ceremony as per Namdhari traditions. Namdharis believe in simplicity, hence our marriages also reflect the calmness that every life needs. Plain simple white robes, with absolutely no make-up or fancy parties. And most important thing: Namdharis are very strict against Dowry. Families do not spend any money on marriage (Gurudwara takes care of everything) and no gifts/money is exchanged between anyone.
We were blessed with a beautiful daughter 2 years later and named her Sartaj Kaur. In 2014, our family was complete with another member, this time a boy. I wanted to name him Pratap Singh. So, I told my daughter, you have a little brother and his name is Pratap. She said, is this my “Veer”? (Veer in Punjabi means brother). I said ‘Yes’. So, she asked, is he “Vir Pratap Singh”? Her innocent voice was so powerful, that we named our son “Virpratap Singh Rooprai”.

In 2009, I started my research on Delhi’s Heritage. Over time, it grew so big, that eventually I left my job in 2015 and became a full-time Activist. You can read more about my initiatives here. Over past several years, I had the opportunity to act as an Auditor for UNESCO, Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Education Quality Foundation of India. I have spoken from the stages of IIT, IIM and I am currently a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, amongst few other.